1.  Are there age limits?

         No.  We do ask that if the camper needs medical/toilet/behavioral help that a caregiver accompanies that camper.


2.  Does a camper need to have a specific diagnosis?

          iCAMP is inclusive to any and all special needs campers


3.  Where is the camp?

          Camp Sky Ranch, 634 Sky Ranch Rd., Blowing Rock, NC 28605


4.  Is transportation provided?

          No, parents and/or caregivers will need to drop off and pick up campers at the designated times.


5.  Do the campers need to pack a lunch/snack?

         Lunch will be provided and a mid-morning snack.  We cannot provide for special dietary restrictions so you are encouraged to provide lunch if this is the case.


6.  Wheelchair accessibility?

         The camp is mostly outdoors activity in grassy areas and mowed fields.  Bathrooms and dining areas are accessible and we encourage all to attend. 

         If a wheelchair is used for mobility then we would want to encourage a caregiver to help.  We will have ample volunteers to assist as needed.


7.  Can a sibling attend?

          Yes, the sibling will need to have an application and $125 tuition.


8.  Do you have to live in Watauga County? In NC?

         Residency isn’t required for campers to come. We do not provide overnight accommodations for campers or families so you

         will have to make your own arrangements. Contact us for information about lodging partnerships.


9.   How do I register? What do I do if I want to volunteer?

           Online applications are available on the website for both campers and volunteers


10. How much does it cost to send a camper to iCAMP?

            Tuition for 2017 is $125 per camper for the week


11. Do I need to register if I am accompanying my child?

            Yes, you will have to fill out a volunteer form. Even if you are a parent or caregiver we need a volunteer form filled out, however, there will be no fee.


12. What time should I drop off my child/ pick up my child?

            15 minutes prior to the start of the camp and ideally 15 minutes before the camp ends for the day.


13. Does my child need to bring any equipment or supplies?

            It would be good to have the child bring a bag with sunscreen, bug spray, a change of clothes, extra shoes, and a raincoat.

            We can keep this bag on the camp property for the week and use as needed. If anything is needed specifically for a camp day

            we will announce it and let parents know.


14. How can I donate/become a sponsor?

            Contact us through the iCAMP website or email Jack Sharp at jack@icamplife.com


15. Do we have a risk management plan and do we carry general liability insurance?

            Yes, we have both.


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